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The Flooring Industry Recognizes Larry Press

Thursday May 23, 2013


People Who Are Driving The Industry

Floor Covering News - May 2013 (Volume 26, Number 26)


Similar to the difference between a boss and a leader, there is a distinction between someone who is a leader and someone who is a driver. A driver can be a leader, but it is someone who goes above and beyond a company or organization and works for the betterment of an industry or society. Remember Steve Jobs as someone who was both, but also think of Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel and how he helped change the fashion industry or Carroll Shelby in the automotive world. In this issue, FCNews takes the first-ever look at some of the people who are "driving" the flooring industry toward a brighter future. This is not a Top 10 list or anything of the sort as next year we will present another list of industry personnel who deserve recognition for their efforts.  Nor is it a list that says a particular person is better than another.

Rather it is a grouping of people from various sectors of the industry who are doing things to help change the industry.


Larry Press

director of flooring 


Some people enjoy the spotlight, while others simply enjoy giving back to the industry that provided quality lives for them and their families. Larry Press is the perfect example of the latter. His contributions to the industry have affected just about every category, segment and level of flooring.

Born into the industry with his parents’ retail business, Press’ true calling and industry-wide contributions wouldn’t come until a few decades later, when in 1987 he became involved with ASTM International, which develops voluntary consensus standards with some 12,000 regulations currently used around the world to improve product quality, enhance safety, etc.

Press currently serves on six ASTM committees and numerous sub-committees—from adhesives, of which he wrote the first flooring standard this past year, to air quality and VOC emission standards, as well as evaluating moisture in concrete.

In 2009, he became one of five people in the 45-year history of ASTM’s Resilient Flooring Committee to be honored with an Award of Merit.

For the last 10 years Press has been the person who casts the vote for the U.S. on all flooring issues within the International Standards Organization (ISO).

He has also helped develop FCICA’s current installation curriculums, and has been helping INSTALL since its inception.

John McGrath, INSTALL’s director, said Press’ knowledge, experience and generosity are played out on a daily basis throughout the industry. "He is an unquestioned expert and valuable mentor…and a go-to guy for most technical questions."

Peter Craig, a concrete industry expert, said Press is "without question one of the principle driving forces for improvement in the flooring industry…[h]is dedication and commitment to the industry are valued and respected by everyone who has had the opportunity to work with him."